Setting product availability based on quick stock

You can set a quick stock value against a product if you know you have limited stock remaining to be served. Quick stock will override availability based on actual stock of a product or its ingredients.

The quick stock quantity will be visible on the product button and will be reduced every time the product is sold, with the product being marked as out of stock automatically when this falls to zero.

You can set a quick stock value on a product by pressing and holding on the button on the EPOS, then pressing 'Availability' and 'Add quick stock'.

Note: You can't set a quick stock value on a product that uses measures, but you can set the availability on those to be based on the actual stock value.

Or by pressing the trolley icon next to the Availability button.

Then entering the quantity of the product that you have remaining, and pressing 'Add Stock'

Once you have set a quick stock value on a product you will see the quantity you have remaining on the EPOS button. 

If you try to add more than you have remaining to your order, you will see a message telling you that the quantity you are trying to add exceeds the remaining quick stock value.

Note: It is possible to sell more than you have allocated through quick stock if the product is ordered through more than one iPad at the same time. In this scenario you would need to refund one of the orders.

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