Overriding a course

This article covers how to override the course set against an item. For example, this can be used if a customer asks for their starters to come with their main courses.

The default courses for each of your categories should be set in your Back Office. (see Setting courses for food items in Back Office) so that you only need to override a course on BarTab to cater for specific requests.

In the below order, we can see from the lines in the current order, that the crispy squid is due to be served as the first course, followed by the lasagne, and finally the biscoff cheesecake. These are based on courses associated with those products from the category they are in.

To change the course for one of the items, press on the item and then press the + or - next to where the course is displayed.

You will then see from the lines on the current order screen that the change has been made - in this instance, the lasagne and crispy squid will now be served together, followed by the biscoff cheesecake.

If you use a kitchen printer, lines will be printed between the course, just like on the current order screen.

If you use a kitchen screen, the order will be processed in the order of the courses - see Processing kitchen orders with courses.










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