Adding centrally managed suppliers

This article covers how to add a supplier that can be pushed to all your sites and managed centrally.

Make sure you have created and pushed all of your suppliers before linking them to any centrally created products as any links will only be able to be created on the individual sites if the supplier exists.

If you have created suppliers on your individual sites and you would like to manage these centrally you can link a central supplier to these existing suppliers.

First log onto your central dashboard and go to Stock > Suppliers.


Click 'Add a supplier'


Then enter the details for the new supplier (if you need to add more than one email for the supplier, you can do so on the next screen)


Check the details, add further email addresses if needed and then push the supplier to all sites, or go to the Site management tab to push them to specific sites.


On the site management tab you will see that the supplier now exists on each site they have been pushed to.


You will also see them on the suppliers section of each individual sites back office. They are distinguished from any locally added supplier by the globe symbol in front of the supplier name.


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