Creating a Table Plan

You can create a table plan on the back office that will display on your EPOS devices, making it easier to add orders to tables.


To create a table plan select 'Tables' then 'Table Plan' from the left hand navigation from the back office dashboard.


You can create a table plan for any area that you have set up under Tables & areas.

The first thing you will need to do is add a new table plan by pressing the '+Plan' button in the top left of the screen. 


If you have areas set up, this will enable you to select which area you want to create a table plan for. If you don't have areas set up you can select 'Default area'.


Once you have added a new table plan you can add tables or other features to it.

Note: You can re-order table plans, by dragging & dropping them, before or after one another.

Adding tables

To add a table to your plan click the '+Table' button.


You can then select the shape of your table from the dropdown list.


Then select which of your tables you are adding to the plan.


Check you are happy with the short label that has been generated or edit it if you need to.

Note: This will be the label for the table on the plan so either just a number, or a letter and a number work well.

Once you are happy with the short label, press '+ Add'.


You will see the table appear on the plan. 


You can move the table by clicking on it and dragging it to the desired location, and resize it by clicking on it, then clicking and dragging any of the marked points.


You can also rotate the table by clicking on it, then clicking and dragging the point above the table 


Follow the above steps to add all of your tables to your plan. 

Adding other features

You can add other features to your table plan and move them around or resize them in the same manner.


You can add:

  • Walls - to add a wall just click '+ Wall' and drag to the desired position
  • Text labels - to add a text label just click '+ Text', enter the text you want to display, then drag the label to the desired position
  • Misc items - to add a misc item click '+ Misc' then select from the presented list.
    • Bar
    • Service counter
    • Kitchen
    • Toilets
    • Custom rectangle (free text)
    • Custom round (free text)
    • Solid rectangle
    • Solid round
    • Door
    • Double doors
    • Stairs 


Once you have added your table plan, you can view it on your EPOS and use it to add orders to tables, view tabs and pay bills.

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