Connecting your EPOS to Quickbooks

To connect your EPOS to Quickbooks, log on to your Back Office and navigate to the Integrations tab under Set Up.



Under 'QuickBooks', click 'Connect to QuickBooks' then log in with your QuickBooks account details.


Select the company you want to connect to and click 'Next'


On the next screen click "Connect"


You will then be presented with the QuickBooks mapping screen. On the first tab you map your sales to your products & services in Quickbooks. 

Note: If you don't see any accounts to map to please check that you have each set up in Quickbooks under Products & Services and that each has a Tax Code Ref associated.

You will need to specify an account to post each of your wet, dry, and other sales to.


On the next tab you can map your payments. By default any core payment types or custom payment types you have set up will appear on this screen. If any payments accounts you have don't appear please ensure in Quickbooks that they have a classification of Asset and retry this step.


On the expenses tab you can select which Quickbooks accounts you would like to be available for selection for petty cash purchases declared at cash up. If any Expense accounts you have don't appear please ensure in Quickbooks that they have an account type of Expense and retry this step.


Finally on the 'Tax' tab you can map any tax rates you have in use to tax rates in your Quickbooks organisation.

This step is particularly important if you use takeout tax rates as it will ensure these sales are posted to QuickBooks correctly, even though the tax rate on the Quickbooks account is different to the tax rate the product was sold at.

If all of your sales are at the same tax rate you can choose to skip this mapping and leave each tax rate to "use default on account" which will use the tax rate set on your account in your QuickBooks organisation.

Once you have mapped all of your accounts, press done. Your EPOS will then be connected to QuickBooks and will post to your selected accounts the next time you run a cash up.



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