Connecting your EPOS with a Bluetooth NFC reader

This article will assist with getting your Bluetooth NFC reader connected to your EPOS, as well as troubleshooting any connection issues you might have. 

Before setting up your Bluetooth reader you need to send the Serial Number on the back of the device to your support channel to ensure it is registered with the correct EPOS terminal. 

On your reader you will notice on the top side of the device is a switch that needs to be flipped to the Bluetooth side on the left (as shown) 


NB: The device can be plugged in and kept charged using the mini-USB port, but also has a battery to allow use whilst moving around your venue. 

On the iPad you want to connect, you will need to navigate Settings > Bluetooth and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled.

You will see the device appear and it will begin with three letter-code "ACR" Confirm that is connected. 


Launch your EPOS and you will see the login screen has red text saying "RFIDduo" under the time and date on the right hand side.


If you logon to your EPOS account, you will then hear an audible beep from your NFC reader.  You are now setup and ready to use the card reader as normal. The bottom right hand side of the screen will show a visible wave signal in grey to show that the reader is connected. 


The indicator will go red at any point that there is an issue or the app cannot see the card reader. 

Should this happen you should:

1. Ensure the card reader is turned on (Bluetooth switched to the left and the 1st LED on the front is blinking blue every 2-3 seconds). If not the battery might need checking and you can test with the device connected to a power supply. 

2. The iPad has Bluetooth enabled and the "ACR" device is showing as connected 

3. Relaunch your EPOS

If after taking these steps you still have issues then make contact with us via your support channel and someone will be able to assist. 

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