Flowmeter Maintenance & Cleaning

In order to keep your PourTab system full working order we advise performing a weekly line clean.  During a line clean any yeast build up or other sediment in the beer line will be flushed through to ensure a clear flow of liquid through the valves.  

On rare occasions it is possible for yeast or a tiny piece of debris to get stuck in a flow meter, causing issues with the dispense. If this happens you can follow the steps in this article to clean the flow meter snd clear the blockage.

1. Firstly you need to identify the flowmeter which will be attached to your beer line just beneath the tap. The flowmeter should look like below. 


Warning - drain all liquid and turn off the gas supply from before touching the valve.  Excess liquid can be drained from the tap by opening up the beer tap; it is still worth having a bucket handy. 

2. For ease of manoeuvring you can disconnect the flowmeter from the beer line by pushing the valve connectors on either side and removing the flowmeter from the line. 

Using a 2.5mm Allen key, unscrew the 4 screws around the top of the flow meter. 


3. Carefully separate the upper black section of the valve.  Warning - this holds the connects to the turbine which is very delicate. 


If there is any visible residue gently wipe this off from the lower section of the flowmeter (white base). 

4. Reassemble the flowmeter, by lining up the black pins on the black side of the flow meter with the notches on the edge of the lower white side. 


5. Tighten the screws so that the flowmeter is secure and sealed, but don't apply unnecessary force. 


6. Insert the flowmeter back in the line.  It is now ready to be re-pressurised and perform a test pour

Note: If any of these steps are unclear or you are still experiencing difficulties, please reach out via your Tabology support channel for further assistance. 

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