Creating beer cards for self-serve beer

If you are using a PourTab self-serve beer system with RFID beer cards you will need to create cards for your customers.

There are 4 types of cards that can be created. See a description of each below along with links to how to create each type of card.

Single use beer cards

A single use beer card is for a customer who is only going to use the self-serve beer system on one occasion and will pay off their balance or have any remaining credit refunded after their use.

There are two types of single-use beer cards:

Single-use Prepay -  the customer tops up with credit prior to use


Single-use Postpay - the card tracks a balance (owed), which the customer then pays off. Usually a credit card or similar form or security would be held with this method

Member card (multiple use beer cards) 

A member card is a beer card that is linked to a customers details and is retained by the customer. 

There are two types of member cards:

Prepay Member - With a prepay member card a customer needs to top up with credit prior to use. When a prepay member card tab is closed, any balance remaining is kept and can be used when the customer returns. 

Postpay Member -With a postpay member card, the balance us expected to be paid off at the end of a visit. A customer can still keep the card for further visits, but it will not hold a balance.

(Postpay members are disabled by default. If you wish to enable post pay members email



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