Setting up your Moonbase Secure Mount

Unbox the case and lay out the components. 

Ensure the correct corner inserts are in place for the type of iPad you have (for the new iPad use the Air inserts).


To make it easier to thread the lightning cable through the case, unscrew the 4 screws on the bottom of the case. 


Lift off the plates from the bottom of the case and thread the lightning cable (lightning port first), through the hole through to the front of the case and into the clip on the inside of the front of the case.


Screw the plates back onto the bottom of the case making sure the lightning cable is threaded through the gap.whatsapp7.jpeg

Place the iPad in the front of the case, connect the lightning cable, and put the faceplate into position. Then insert the small screw into the hole at the back of the side of the case and tighten with the allen key provided.


You may now want to look at setting up your printers and cash drawers.


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