Adding booking types

You can add booking types for any different types of booking you offer to your guests. Each booking type can be linked to one or more areas of your venue, have its own availability times associated with it, and be given a specific date or date range if applicable.

For example, a booking type for Christmas Day Lunch could be linked to your Restaurant area, Lunch food service times, could be bookable only on the 25th December.

Guests booking via your website will only be able to select from the times & date range that are available for the booking type they have selected. Similarly if you have real-time availability enabled, guests will only be able to book a time slot if you have availability in the area(s) linked to the booking type.

Booking types also enables you to configure a range of settings that are specific to a certain type of booking:

To add a booking type go into your back office & select Bookings > Booking types from the left hand navigation.

Click on the blue Add a new booking type button.

To the left of the screen, under Booking types, an empty text field will display at the bottom of the booking types list. Enter a new booking type name into the field & click the blue tick to the right of the booking type name.

The booking type setup will display to the right of the screen.

If your booking type will only be available for a set period, you can set the Available from/to field.

Select either a Range or Day from the dropdown box. To specify the day/range, click inside the calendar field to choose your availability for your booking type.

Click the green Apply button when you have chosen your availability.

From the Link to tables dropdown, you can select tables or a whole area to assign your booking type to.

In the Use service time field, you can select specific Service times that your booking is available for. 

Note: You can set up new service times for the booking type by clicking the blue Service times button.

By default, booking types will show on the booking form for customers to select. If you don't want your booking type to show on your booking form you can deselect the Show on booking form tickbox.

Click the blue Save button, to save your new booking type.

In the Advanced settings tab, at the top of the screen, you can configure your booking type further:

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