Setting fast cash amounts

Fast cash amounts make it quicker to put through cash transactions by having buttons on the pay screen that represent common note denominations.

On your EPOS these will initially be set to 5, 10 and 20. If you regularly take notes of different denominations you can change these in the Back Office. 

To do this, from the Back Office dashboard, go to 'Setup'. This can be found as a button on the dashboard or on the left hand panel.

Then click on 'EPOS' to go to EPOS settings.

Then click on the 'Other Settings' tab and scroll down to a setting called 'Fast cash amounts'. 

Here you can set up to 3 fast cash buttons. To change one of the fast cash amounts, hover over it and click on the cross. Then, click into the field and type in the new value.

When you're finished, press 'Enter', then press the 'Done' button that's located on the bottom of the screen.


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