Product Sales Report

If you have a high volume of sales and want to report over a long timeframe, you might find is isn't possible to pull back all of the data using the Itemised Sales Report as this pulls back data relating to all products. In this instance you can use the Product Sales Report.

The Product Sales Report enables you to select up to 5 products that you can then view sales for over a given time range. 

To view the Product Sales Report go to Reporting > 'Product Sales' from your back office dashboard.

Select your date range and then start typing the name of a product you want to report on in the 'Select product(s)' field. When you see the product in the dropdown list, click on it to add it to the field.

You can add further products as needed (up to 5 maximum)

When you've selected your products, press 'Generate Report' and you will see the itemised & summary totals for your selected products.

You can group the results by the same criteria as the Itemised Sales Report.

If you need to you can copy the sales to your clipboard, display in a print format, or export to Excel or CSV.

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