Sales Graph

The Sales Graph Report will give you a graphical representation of your sales over time, enabling you to view overall sales trends. You can also view current sales against a comparison period to see how your business is progressing.

Note: The Sales Graph Report is available on central servers, where the sales data will be combined data across all sites.

You can view the Sales Graph by selecting Reporting > Sales Graph from the left hand navigation on your back office. You can also view the sales graph for any of the time periods displayed on the dashboard by clicking on the relevant dashboard graph.


When viewing the sales graph you can set the time range you want to view, and the granularity of the graph: 

  • 15 minute - Sales shown per 15 minute intervals (available when viewing a period of 24 hours or less)
  • Hourly - Sales shown hourly (available when viewing a period of 14 days or less)
  • Daily- Sales shown daily
  • Weekly- Sales shown weekly

Grouping options

 You can group the Sales graph report to show sales by the following:

  • Root category (wet, dry, other) - view sales broken down by top level category
  • Employee - view sales broken down by the employee that took the sale
  • Terminal - view sales broken down by the EPOS device they were taken on
  • Online vs In Person - view sales taken online (via mobile ordering, or Deliveroo) vs those taken in person
  • Sit in vs takeout - Sit in vs takeout sales


Comparing with previous periods

You can compare your sales with the sales for a comparison period by switching the Compare with toggle to On and then selecting a comparison period from the dropdown list:

  • Week- will compare the sales with the equivalent days from the previous week
  • Month - will compare the sales with the equivalent period from the previous month
  • Year - will compare the sales with the equivalent period from the previous year
  • Period - will compare the sales with the equivalent duration period preceding the time range you are viewing

Note: When comparing with the previous year, the comparison period will be adjusted to compare with a like for like period using the same days of the week. If instead you would like to compare with the exact dates of the previous year, switch the toggle, Compare exact dates to on.

You will see: 

  • the overall percentage change over the comparison period at the top of the graph next to the total box
  • The comparison period sales plotted on the graph as a dashed line
  • The percentage change for each point on the graph in the table below the graph


You can also export the data in a table format, PDF, Excel, or CSV.

Note: Exporting the sales graph will not export the sales for any comparison periods you are viewing.



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